In its hot tweet yesterday, Rovio revealed that its latest version of bird-pig combat has received an overwhelming response with more than 10 million downloads in just 3 days post launch. No doubt the latest environment set up in null gravity is far more engaging than the previous two launches – Angry Birds Season and Angry Birds Rio.

Though Rovio is yet to dig out the exact split among operating systems, paid and free versions, it is estimated that Android’s free version has clocked atleast a million downloads. Even the paid versions for iOS (iPhone – $0.99 and iPad – $2.99) and the HD version for Android tablets are crunching millions, making Angry Birds Space one of the hottest selling paid games in the recent times.

If you had a good time playing any of the Angry Birds games before, this game will surely hook you up for long as the space set up, gravitational madness and the rivalry between birds and pigs are hard to resist. To add to this, it’s available for Free on the Google Play Store for the Android platform. If you haven’t yet tried it out on your smart device, you are definitely missing out on some serious fun.
Get one for your smartphone right away. Check out our sneak peek of Angry Birds Space.