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10 million downloads in mere 3 days!


In its hot tweet yesterday, Rovio revealed that its latest version of bird-pig combat has received an overwhelming response with more than 10 million downloads in just 3 days post launch. No doubt the latest environment set up in null gravity is far more engaging than the previous two launches – Angry Birds Season and Angry Birds Rio. (more…)

App Review: Angry Birds Space


It’s been quite a while now since Rovio launched a downright fresh themed pig-bird endeavor. As Angry Birds Season and Angry Birds Rio were just variations of the same substance, Rovio thought the novelty was wearing off and it was high time to launch a new duel between pigs and birds. And this time Rovio bangs it to an altogether next level by taking this battle in the Space. We checked out the Angry Birds Space on the iOS and Android platform, and this what we think about it: (more…)

Finally, an official TED app on Android!


With over 1200 TED talks on some amazing topics, an official TED app for Android has made its way to the Google Play Shop. If you need a dose of a TEDTalk every morning and have an Android phone or a tablet, this app is for you. (more…)

Android Market swopped with Google Play


Couple of days back, there were rumors that Google is toying with an idea of unveiling an 7-inch tablet, named Google Play. However, on its recent blog post, Google announced that the Android Market will now be called the Play Store, Google Music will be Play Music, Google Books will be Play Books, and the Video App will be Play Movies. (more…)

Sony Tablet P to land in the US on 4th March


Sony’s one-of-its-kind dual screen Tablet will soon be available for grabs in the US via AT&T for $399.99 on a 2-year contract. Launched nearly 4 months ago elsewhere, the distinctive clamshell Android Tablet will finally be available for pick up at AT&T stores from Sunday, 4th March, according to CNET. Since it’s a 4G device, customers will have a choice of two monthly plans to choose from $35/mo for 3GB of data to $50/mo for 5GB; prepaid customers can also pick it up for a $14.99 250 MB plan. (more…)

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