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Facebook acquires Instagram in a billion dollar deal


Instagram, a popular, fun photo sharing app that created ripples just a week ago with its much awaited launch on Android, which apparently didn’t go well with the iPhone users, is in news again for its acquisition by the social media giant – Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, announced that an agreement of the purchase has been made this morning for an enormous sum of $1 billion. (more…)

Instagram, finally for Android


Downloaded for over 30 million times on the iOS platform, Instagram – one of the most anticipated apps for Android – is live on the Android platform finally. Android users can now enjoy numerous features of this picture sharing app for free; though a free Instagram account and an Android device running 2.2 or later is required to use it. (more…)

Faking News For Android released!


Faking News For Android - IconFaking News is finally on Android ! You can now read your favorite news satire on the go. It has been a few days that we have released this app but could not promote it as much as we would like to as we have been busy with some other stuff. But we are very happy and excited to announce the release of the Android client for your favorite news satire – Faking News. But before we move on to the details of the app we would like to read aloud the disclaimer :


Default App Manager Updated !


Default App Manager IconWe have been overwhelmed by the response we have been receiving for Default App manager Pro and Default App manager Lite. Your feedback and suggestions is what makes the app better. We have been receiving lot of requests about the changes that you would like to see. I am sure you understand that we cater to all your requests in the app in one go since it requires lot of research and background work to do. We have been prioritizing the requests and try to figure out what should be included in our upcoming update. We are happy to announce that today we have released an update to both of our Default App Manager apps. (more…)

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