It’s been quite a while now since Rovio launched a downright fresh themed pig-bird endeavor. As Angry Birds Season and Angry Birds Rio were just variations of the same substance, Rovio thought the novelty was wearing off and it was high time to launch a new duel between pigs and birds. And this time Rovio bangs it to an altogether next level by taking this battle in the Space. We checked out the Angry Birds Space on the iOS and Android platform, and this what we think about it:

Like the previous two versions, the Space version boasts simple and puerile plot: flung angry birds at the free hanging pigs in the space. Even though the objective is same, what makes this game more attention-grabbing is the new physics set-up. The Angry Birds are drawn toward planets by their gravity power, or they drift away in null gravity. Several levels overlap gravity fields, throwing birds in random directions. However, the trajectory guide can help you hammer out the geometry of the space get-up.

Apart from the new physics, Angry Birds Space banks on timing constraints more than its predecessors. As you unseat the objects from asteriods, they hover in the space allowing you to hit them with next set of birds. To time numerous birds in a row is more critical than it has been the case with the earlier versions.

Just a heads-up, the iPhone and iPad versions hold an edge over the Android version. Principally, both have additional set of 30 levels called “Danger Zone”, leaving Android users to fiddle with 65 levels instead of 95. Still you will have a hard time to resist all the levels which might be quelled in 2-3 days. Thankfully, the company says, “more in the pipeline” as it has always delivered what it has promised.

With all the inventive dressed-up birds, gravitational outfit and race against time functionality, the Space version is definitely worth the price. Ranging for free (ads enabled) on Android to $2.99 on the Retina-display iPad in the HD format, the Angry Birds Space is fetching some stunning numbers. Grab one for you and enjoy the sensational space combat.

Hit the comments once you’ve tried it out and let us know what you think of this spectacular odyssey.