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Few hand-picked apps that we like !

App Review: Angry Birds Space


It’s been quite a while now since Rovio launched a downright fresh themed pig-bird endeavor. As Angry Birds Season and Angry Birds Rio were just variations of the same substance, Rovio thought the novelty was wearing off and it was high time to launch a new duel between pigs and birds. And this time Rovio bangs it to an altogether next level by taking this battle in the Space. We checked out the Angry Birds Space on the iOS and Android platform, and this what we think about it: (more…)

App Recommendation : Any.Do


Life is getting busier and messier and while there was a time when people made fun of everyday to-do lists, now it has become a basic necessity. And what better place to save your to-do lists than a device that is always with you? To-do lists have come a long way on Android from simple text based lists to some very flashy ones. All of them do their jobs just about right. If you search for ‘to-do’ on Android market, you would literally come across hundreds of apps for the same. And this list includes a lot of awesome apps like Out of milk shopping list, Taskos, Astrid Task , Inkpad Notes – To do, etc. So to stand out in such fierce competition is difficult. And the reason Any.Do stands out of these apps is because of its elegance and simplicity.


App Recommendation: Google Chrome to Phone


Google Chrome to Phone Android AppGoogle Chrome is one of the better modern browsers. I have been using this browser ever since it was launched and I have seen it grow tremendously in the past few years. So is the case with Android. And then there is a way to connect these two awesome products together. The Google Chrome To Phone App is one of such apps which you would not feel the need until you have started using it, and after you have used it, you feel how could you have missed out such an app and lived without it!


Bought a new droid? Download these apps and show off how cool your droid is!!


Android App ShoppingThere are approximately 700,000 Android activations every day. The first thing you do after getting your droid is checkout the apps pre-installed on the phone and see what cool things you can do with your smart device. Chances are you have heard a lot about how cool Android is, yet you are disappointed when you browse through all the in-box applications. It is then you realize that third party applications are the ones that make Android cool. So here is a consolidated list of such cool applications (not in order of preference):



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