Default App Manager IconIt is a proud moment for us here at Appiator that Default App Manager has been featured under the top 150 apps of 2011 in this report by Addictive tips. It has been tremendous year for Android. 2011 has seen the most apps getting live on the Android market. And to stand out in so many such apps is quite an achievement. And as a developer, nothing could be more satisfying than getting recognized for your work and getting the appreciation for all the hard work you put in.

Default App Manager is a hassle-free way of clearing and setting defaults on your Android device. For regular users who keep switching their apps more often, this app comes as a relief against the traditional way of clearing and setting defaults which still remains very painful to date. Default App Manager is very unique in this sense since no other application offers this functionality.

Default App Manager (DAM) has been getting some very rave reviews from various critics. Here are a few to quote some:


Addictive Tips:

Using Default App Manager, you can easily wipe existing default settings/actions for a specific app category on your device and set new default settings for it

 Android Static:

Typically, I loathe apps like Default App Manager because they fundamentally overlap with features that are already built into Android and are usually just a ploy for developers spam and make apps that have ads.  But Default App Manager is different because it makes it way easier to set your default applications and change them on the fly.

Android Underground:

Too bad that editing your default app settings requires a trip to the slow loading app settings screen. Enter Default App Manager. It takes you straight to the relevant app settings screen to set or clear your defaults.


Android Video Review:

Default App Manager for Android is a great utlity for your device. It shows all of the default apps assigned for certain topics – such ass the default “music player” or “video player.” This is a great way to streamline this process, which is usually tedious.
Pros – Great interface, great functionality.
Cons – None to date.
Overall – 5/5 – A great utility that shows you your default app collections.

There are many such reviews out there about Default App Manager and all of them speak highly about the functionality and ease of using the app. It is not just the critics that have responded in such good fashion, the users too have appreciated the app ever since it was launched on the market. Here are a few user comments that we received:

Does what should have been standard with Android Simple and easy to use interface. Performs in an area where Android doesn’t cut it. Well-done.

Awesome!! A+++++++ … about freaking time an app was made to manage your default apps!!! Awesome app!!!

Makes configuring default apps a snap! Default apps are great but the Android designers got the UI for them completely, totally backwards. Fortunately, the Appiator folks have a fix for that gaffe. And it works great. I’d give it 4.5 stars if I could. Just barely misses five stars because it won’t let you set the default app to fire off whenever you put your phone into a dock.

Should be built into Android This is a must have app, its akin to the ‘Default Programs’ in Windows, it makes a ridiculously simple task as simple as it should be.

We are really overwhelmed with the support we have been getting and would really like to thank every one who has downloaded the app and have appreciated our work. We are trying to make the better and to add more and more features to the app. We receive a lot of feedback and suggestion mails everyday asking for additional functionality and appreciating our work. We have been considering all your suggestions and trying to incorporate all that is possible for us. It was due to your support that we could bring out the pro version of Default App Manager. If you have not downloaded Default App Manger yet then go ahead and do it right now. And if you think we have made your life even a wee bit easier than support us by buying the pro version.